Booking the Facility

Interested in booking our facility?

NOTE: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are currently unable to rent our space to outside groups. 


Outside groups may rent Gallery 1710 and Workshop space for activities not related to the South Delta Artists Guild, such as corporate or political meetings, workshops, parties and other events. Renters are responsible for their own insurance and clean-up. 


Contact the Facility Scheduler, Grant Russell Andersen, prior to booking an activity to discuss rental details and to confirm compatibility.


Inquire about rental space - email us or contact Grant directly by phone 604-786-0175.

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About our Facility

SpacerThe South Delta Artists Guild building (known as the Longhouse) includes an art gallery, "Gallery 1710" and a workshop, separated by a large entrance lobby. There is also a kitchen, paint clean-up area, and 3 washrooms, mens, womens plus one accessible. 

The Gallery is almost always in use for Guild shows during the day. Occasionally, community groups arrange to use the Gallery for events in the evenings and before the Gallery opens. See below for details on how to book the space.

The Workshop contains the Guild Library, space for members to work on their own or in scheduled drop-ins or workshops, as well as bulletin boards and notices of upcoming events. The Workshop offers renters a flexible meeting space for their group to engage in planning, workshops or other purposes requiring movable tables and chairs.

The facility is available for booking by the South Delta Artists Guild for all guild activities, including meetings, drops ins, workshops, opening receptions, art shows, and any other activities agreed upon by the Board of Directors. Guild members may book time in the facility for art-related activities, for personal painting time or working with a group on a special art-related project, as long as it does not include the exchange of money.




Lobby 1Lobby 2


Gallery 1710

 Gallery 1Gallery 2



Workroom 2Workroom 1



Kitchen 1Kitchen 2

Rules for Use

There are a number of “rules” governing use of the facility, many of which are common sense.


Please leave the building in as good or better condition than you found it:

  • Take the garbage out and put it in the garbage lock up behind the Recreation Centre. There is a key in the kitchen for this purpose marked “Garbage”. The recycling can also be taken to this location and placed in one of the blue boxes. Replace all green garbage bags in the containers after you have removed the garbage. These bags are located in a drawer on the right side of the sink in the kitchen – bottom drawer.
  • Replace toilet paper, soap and paper towels in the washrooms. They are located in the wash up room behind the kitchen.
  • When supplies get low, please make a note on the door of the fridge.
  • Clean up any dropped flower petals, scraps of paper etc. on the floors.
  • Make sure dishes are cleaned and put away, and kitchen has been wiped clean.
  • Make sure all taps are fully turned off.
  • If you have opened windows, please close them before you leave the building.
  • The fridge is for the general use of members to store their lunch or beverages while they are using the building. At times, large amounts of food may be stored in the fridge for use for a Guild activity as well. Please mark your own food with your name if you are using the fridge. All food for Guild activities must also be marked with name of activity and date. Any food unmarked will be deemed “available for general use” or “garbage” and will be used or disposed of accordingly.
  • The tea and coffee in the cupboard is there for general guild use, and it will be replenished by a volunteer on a regular basis.
  • The wash up room behind the kitchen is where all paint-related cleaning up is handled. Please clean all of your palettes and water containers, brushes etc. in this room. Please scrape all chunks into the garbage can so all that goes down the drain is liquid. And please, no toxic liquids down the drain – dispose of them appropriately. Extra pails for water are stored in the cupboards in this room and are available for use in the facility. You are responsible for cleaning up any messes and spills in this room as you use it. Please replace buckets in the cupboard and keep the countertop clear and dry.
  • The workshop space has tables and chairs located for everyday use. There are approximately 2 chairs for every table. If you need extra tables and chairs, they are located in the closet in the front hall. You are responsible for putting away any extra tables and chairs you use. There are more tables stored in the furnace room for use in the Gallery space during drop ins etc., or large workshops. Please make sure that all tables are put away properly – once the dolly in the hall closet is filled to capacity, all extra tables must go in the furnace room.
  • When painting in the facility, all tables must have a table covering on them. There are plastic table coverings located in the front hall closet for extra tables.
  • There are light switches located in various parts of the building: One set in the office area to light up the entrance way and front half of the workshop space. One set by the kitchen/back door area to light up the gallery space. A switch in the gallery on the northwest wall to light up the hall closet, and a switch halfway into the workshop space by the blackboard to light up the back half of the workshop space. As well, there are kitchen lights, wash-up room lights with switches in each of these rooms.
  • The florescent lights burn out from time to time, and will be replaced by the cleaning crew that comes through the building once a week on Saturday evening.
  • Please do not donate items to the Artists Guild without the permission of the Board. Items left at the Longhouse may be thrown out if they do not have a name on them.
  • The Laser Printer is for the use of the Guild for Guild activities. If you use the printer, please sign the printer sheet and # of copies so we can keep track of how efficiently the printer is working (# of copies per ink replacement drum).
  • Pets and other animals (excluding seeing eye dogs) are not allowed in the building due to policies according to public buildings in Delta. Please leave all pets outside of the building. On occasion, the Board may give permission for an animal or other living creature to be welcomed into the building for a special event. The presence of this visitor will be announced and anyone entering the building will be aware of its presence and will therefore have the choice to participate or not.
  • There is no smoking in the building or directly outside of the building near any of the doorways, and the ashtray has now been removed. Please smoke well away from the facility accordingly to the bylaws and signs posted.
  • You are responsible for learning the code to enter the building and setting and disarming the alarm – please make sure you are familiar with this information and process. 

Static Map

Gallery 1710

Located just off Highway 17A:
1710 56th Street
Tsawwassen, BC


Gallery hours:

 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 12 - 4pm