Details for "Fast and Furious with Doug Swinton. 20 paintings in 2 days"

 'Fast and Furious' with Doug Swinton. 20 paintings in 2 days.

Doug Swinton has the enviable reputation of being one of Canada's premier outdoor painters. Born and raised in Calgary, Doug depicts the foothills and mountains of the Canadian Rockies with powerful movement, light and bold colour. Doug's knowledge of art and his willingness to share this knowledge with his art students has earned him a reputation as an outstanding artist and instructor. 

When asked to describe his art, Doug says "It's always been more about the doing than the end product. It's like being at a live concert. The energy that comes from the doing is a highly powerful thing." "No matter what the subject, it's always the same, the most amount of information with the least amount of brushstrokes."

Workshop Description:

These 20 minute exercises in quick painting are a super fantastic way to loosen up and learn to make decisions on the fly. These will not be finished paintings but small studies to learn how to achieve the local colour and local values of objects, get the information down rapidly yet accurately and have fun. Big brushes, simple shapes and accurate decision making in a short amount of time. Each student will have 20 minutes in which to complete a painting. All reference material will be provided and images will be projected on a wall for all to see. Landscapes, still life, animals and figures will all be used. Oil or acrylic will be accepted as well as watercolour. Some colour mixing knowledge is needed.


Saturday October 29th and Sunday October 30th, 9:30am - 4:00pm at the Guild.

Supply List:

PAINTS(oil or acrylic) in the following colours:

Cad yellow light

Cad yellow deep

Yellow Ochre

Cad Orange

Burnt Sienna

Quinacridone rose or permanent rose

Ultra blue

Manganese blue hue

Viridian green

Chromatic black

Titanium white

Try to use artist grade paints (Gamblin or M Graham, etc.) no craft paints

PALETTE - the bigger the better. Strip-off palettes are great. Glass. Please no egg cartons or styrofoam meat trays or ice cream pail lids. You need something stable that will not move around when you're mixing.

BRUSHES: Good quality hog bristle brushes. No dollar store brushes.

2,4,6,8,10 Flats. Princeton or Hj blue handle are great.

1-3" cheap big bristle brush for blending

#1 or 2 taklon liner brush.

Synthetic brushes are okay for acrylics.

BRUSH WASHER - A good metal leak proof brush washer is a very good item to invest in. You will thank me for it. If you're using acrylics a yogurt container with a kitchen scritchy thing in the bottom will work great.

CANVAS: Canvas boards, hardboard acrylic paper will be fine for these exercises.

12 - 8x10

8 - 9x12


You mush have a good sturdy outdoor plein air easel, studio easel, pochade box or thumb box. If you do not I wouldn't bother trying to paint. If your easel is too bulky or wobbly, you will spen all of your efforts holding or manipulating your easel and not concentrating on your painting. 


Graham walnut alkyd medium, linseed oil, or liquin

Thinner pot (see brush washer) with screen (yogurt container with a sink scritchy in it for water if you use acrylic)

Eco house or Gamsol odorless non toxic thinner. No smelly stuff.

Sketchbook for thumb-nails and taking notes.

Vine charcoal

Blue shop towels (hardware store) or bounty

Garbage bags (safeway bag)



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