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Landscapes in Acrylics by Dale Byhre -

An in-person workshop at the South Delta Artist Guild Gallery.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons, 1 to 4 PM, May 7 ,8, 14, 15

Dale will provide students with a foundation in acrylic painting and share how he works with this medium.  The focus will be on landscapes with a west coast theme.  The course will be appropriate for beginning artists as well as those with experience in acrylics who want to elevate their work to a more polished or professional level.  He will also present the pros and cons of using acrylics and the best methods for success.

Supplies: A selection of artist or student grade acrylics, brushes, mediums such as gel or retarders, and gesso. If you are using acrylics as your medium, ( some attending are choosing to paint in oils ) I can provide a basic list.  Regardless, I am suggesting that those taking the class bring the paints and materials that they are most accustomed to using.  That said, and this is strictly optional, I would recommend mostly a quality acrylic medium.  I also might suggest acrylic gels to thicken and slow the paint from drying.  A retarder of some kind will also be advisable.  Not that it is at all necessary, as it is pricey, is an item called 'molding paste.'  This is a very thick compound that I use as a surface to achieve a coarse texture under the overlaying paint.  I sometimes also mix this into the paints for thick impasto textures.

Again, bring what you are comfortable with.  Unless you want to, there is no need to purchase anything more than what you normally use.  This applies to brushes too.  I recommend just your old favourites and just basic sizes.  One large 1-1/2"  a medium 1/2", a small 1/4" and maybe a tiny rigger type for small details if you like.  No need for brand new either.  I get some of my best results from some pretty beaten up brushes.
I hope this answers your questions.  If you have any others please feel free to ask. 




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