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Saturday May 1 and Sunday May 2  9:30 - 4 (Pacific Standard Time) with lunch and mid morning and afternoon breaks

"Landscape monica" by Ann Hilton    "Landscape monica" by Ann Hilton

This is an online repeat of my popular Zoom based workshop from Fall 2020, and follows the same outline as the in person workshop of 2019.
Topics will cover choosing photo reference, a discussion of value, common pitfalls in landscape painting, composition, a brief discussion about colour, how to plan your painting and MORE. Topics will be covered in a live talk, with a share screen slide type presentation on the first morning. You are encouraged to take lots of notes for things that interest and apply to you. By lunch time on the first day, you will have a start on your own canvas and after lunch you can begin painting for the afternoon. I will be there the whole time to answer questions just like in an in-person class. You can email me photos of your work in progress to ask a question during the shared time available when I rotate through the participants. On day two, I will demo a landscape with sky, water, and land for part of the morning. Then you will be free to work on your own painting. As on the first day, you will have me there for questions and feedback if something is puzzling you. For reviews from 2019’s in-person participants and 2020's Zoom participants, please see Workshop Reviews tab on my website:

Level: Those with a basic knowledge of colour, value, composition, - up to a curious intermediate level. Hands on opportunities to work with guidance. Explore the process while making your own marks. The instructor will see you where you are in your progress. 

Goal: You will actively work to produce your own individual art work and see it through to a result that will leave you inspired to paint more and develop further.

Monica Burrow -  

Monica is primarily a landscape painter working in acrylic. Her work shows an attraction to colour. Often colour is the element that motivates her to paint. She holds a BHe from UBC with courses in design. She has been painting for 28 years and although self taught, she has taken a wide variety of workshops. She is trained as a teacher

Supply List

A minimum of one week before class please send along 2 well lit photos of completed work you have on hand so I can see where you are at in your art making.

***Also please email me *** to

Three well lit landscape reference photos of differing scenes (preferably well composed according to the rule of thirds - google this if you don’t understand it already), and taken on a sunny day. Prefer no buildings, boats, animals  or other bits that will distract from the landscape theme. Try for an interesting but uncomplicated foreground, with good mid-ground and distance information. I would like to review the photos ahead of class to give you an idea of which one is most likely to succeed to save time on the first day.


On the day of class:

Sketch book, 2B pencil, clean eraser. Yardstick or straight edge longer than your canvas.

Smart phone to use as a camera. Tablet or computer pugged into a charger & wall socket


One Rectangular Canvas 

  • Slim or deep profile
  • sized between 14” x 18“ and 16” x 20”
  • Please apply at least one and maybe two coats of white acrylic gesso onto canvas BEFORE  class so it’s DRY.


  • one inch flat acrylic brush with chisel end handle.
  • one half inch flat acrylic brush with chisel end handle.
  • 2 inch hake brush
  • Plus any other brushes that you have that still have their shape and are not worn out.


Pigments -Artists’ grade Heavy Body tube Acrylics such as Golden, M Graham or Liquitex

  • Ultramarine Blue
  • At least one of Cobalt Blue or Cerulean Blue (does not have to be genuine, can be hue)
  • At least one of Diarylide Yellow OR Cadmium Yellow Deep (at least one Egg yolk type yellow)
  • At least one of a Hansa Yellow LIGHT, OR Cadmium Yellow Lemon  ( at least one Lemony yellow)
  • At least one of Pyrrole Red, OR Cadmium Red Middle, or Cadmium Red Deep (tomato colour)
  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson (a raspberry, wine red)
  • Burnt Umber
  • Titanium White
  • Two of the following transparents: Quinacridone Gold OR Quin Nickel Azo Gold, Quin Burnt Orange, Quin Magenta, 
  • Other paints you have without bringing so many colours that palette decisions become difficult.


- a good sized palette. (I use a white enamelled metal butcher’s tray avail at Sublime Art Materials for about 30$) *** BUT if you already have a good sized palette with a good easy to clean mixing surface don’t go out and buy another one.*** I don’t gravitate to palettes with lots of little wells and no space to mix paint. Eg: My butchers tray is 12” by 15”

- Small container of white acrylic Gesso to prep your canvas before class.

- Apron or paint shirt 

-Spare old small towel scrap or terry washcloth that you can get dirty to dry brushes

- Paper towels and a WATER container


Pack Lunch and snacks, confidence, enthusiasm, and positivity. Let’s learn and create!




My Online Workshops Explained:

Many online art classes these days are offered in passive format where you are sold the right to watch a series of videos which you work through without the instructor physically present. This allows an instructor to sell the workshop to hundreds of participants. Interaction is often via a companion Facebook group acting as a forum for participants to interact socially and work wise, some without much instructor interaction, and outside of the lesson practice.

I have chosen to operate my online classes in a smaller, more direct way, where I can interact with you more personally, providing an experience closer to that of in-person workshops. It allows for real time info that you can record by note-taking. You will be able to see me and your classmates, as well as participate in live Q & A with others. This can often answer things you may be puzzling about. You will have hands-on chances to paint your own work from start to a foreseeable finish. I will do a demo for you on the morning of the second day.
Suitable for beginners with some confidence about making art, and including curious intermediates.
I have been teaching a Drop In this way since mid March 2020 and with successful learning happening I have switched my classes to online.

Held entirely on Zoom from my studio to your home & vice versa!
Participants need a laptop, desktop or tablet in order to participate. ***A smart phone will not work as the screen will be un-workably small.*** It is helpful to have a smart phone as a camera during the class & for emailing me photos, but not imperative.
2 consecutive days
9:30 am to 4 pm Pacific Standard Time Zone in British Columbia, Canada, with 2 x 15 minute breaks, and 1/2 hr lunch break.
(must be set up and ready to learn at 9:30am PST when class begins.)

Must be comfortable with the Zoom platform, using video on and off features, un-muting and muting, physical positioning of your device on your end for best viewing, understanding that muting needs to happen any time your device is moved, if family or pets come into the space you are using as your classroom or anyone wishes to speak to you during the class. The class will not pause for ringing phones, family interactions etc. Unfortunately, I am not able to provide tech assistance with the Zoom app, as well as teach everyone at the same time. There are tutorials online on how to use Zoom that one can use to familiarize oneself with how it works. 


Cost & Status

  • CAN$190.00
  • CAN$175.00 with Member Workshop $15 Discount
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