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Colour Mixing

Acrylic Colour Mixing Add on Day with Monica Burrow

Saturday May 2, 2020

Hours: 9:30 am to 4:30pm (with 1/2hr break - please bring lunch, snacks and beverage each day)    Please come at 9:00 to set up.

Level: suitable for beginners to curious intermediates 

Hands on opportunities:  Join Monica Burrow for one day of instruction in colour mixing, or take the colour mixing day as a third Saturday after taking the Acrylic Lanscape workshop. 

Do you love Colour" Curious about colour?  Wondering why you can't get a particular colour?  Greens look too harsh?  Do you need to buy purple, orange, or green?  How to mix colours that don't look like they come right out of the tube?  How neighbouring colours can make each other look even better.  How to get away from the colours in your photo.  Colour dominance, colour harmony.  We will cover as much as we can. 

Goal: Explore the process, whie making your own marks.  The instructor will meet you where you are in your progress.

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1. Two finished, easy to carry pieces of work you’ve done already that show me where you are currently at in your work  

2. Three well lit landscape reference photos of differing scenes (preferably well composed according to the rule of thirds), and taken on a sunny day. Prefer no buildings, boats, animals or other bits that will distract from the landscape theme.

3.  Try for an interesting but uncomplicated foreground, with good mid-ground and distance information. (if in doubt email me the photos in advance, otherwise trust your instincts – if rule of thirds is unfamiliar, give it a google.)

 ü  Ruler

 ü  Note Book and pen

 ü  Sketch book, 2B pencil, and a clean eraser

 ü  One Rectangular Canvas (two if you paint quickly) - Slim or deep profile - sized between 14” x 18“ and 16” x 20”  Please apply at least one and maybe two coats of white acrylic gesso onto canvasses BEFORE you arrive at lass so it’s dry.

 ü  Brushes -one inch flat acrylic brush with chisel end handle

 ü  2 inch hake brush

 ü  Plus any other brushes that you have that still have their shape and are not worn out.

 ü  Paints - Pigments  -Artists’ grade preferred

 ü  Ultramarine Blue

 ü  At least one of Cobalt Blue OR Cerulean Blue

 ü  ONE of Pthalo Blue Green Shade OR Pthalo Blue Red shade – if purchasing, then Green Shade is preferred

 ü  At least one of Diarylide Yellow OR Cadmium Yellow Deep (at least one Egg yolk type yellow)

 ü  At least one of a Hansa Yellow, OR Cadmuim Yellow Lemon ( at least one Lemony yellow)

 ü  At least one of Pyrrole Red, OR Cadmium Red Middle, or Cadmium Red Deep (tomato colour)

 ü  Alizarin Crimson (a raspberry, wine red)

 ü  Burnt Umber

 ü  Titanium White

 ü  At least two of the following transparents: Quinacridone Gold OR Quin Nickel Azo Gold, Quin Burnt Orange, Quin Magenta,

ü  Other paint you have without bringing so many colours that palette decisions become difficult.

ü  a good sized palette. (I use a white enamelled metal butcher’s tray available at Sublime Art Materials for about 30$) * BUT if you already have a good sized palette with a good easy to clean mixing surface don’t go out and buy another one.*** I don’t gravitate to palettes with lots of little wells and no space to mix paint. Eg: My butchers tray is 12” by 15”

ü  Small bottle of Matte Medium

ü  Small container of white acrylic Gesso

ü  Apron or paint shirt

ü  Spare old small towel scrap or washcloth that you can get dirty to dry brushes (Water containers available to borrow at the guild)

ü  Pack Lunch and snacks, confidence, enthusiasm, and positivity. Let’s learn and create!

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