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Details for "Limited Palette Alla Prima Portraits - Dominique Medici - April 13 - 14, 2019"

Hours: 9:30 - 4:00 


AM: Intro, Demo and Q & A
PM: 1 x 3 hour portrait


AM: Demo 30 min portrait, 30 min portrait, 1 hour portrait
PM: 40 minute portrait, 2 hour portrait

Mediums: Oil and Acrylic
Diffulty Level: Some basic painting experience is suggested

Dominique Medici is a Figurative Artist specializing in Egg Tempera and Oil. She studied in London and has exhibited internationally and is now living in Seattle. See more about Dominique at

Gaining the ability to work quickly and with precision, is the key in your development as a painter. The most efficient way to develop your observation and intuition is to practice with short poses. The time restraint forces your to forego detail, see the big picture, and focus on gesture and large masses. This is the secret behind all great works. In this class we will work with a systematic and disciplined technique that is designed to achieve this aim.

Dominique will provide frequent demos, breaking down the process of painting into clear and consecutive steps, as well as critique and instruction each session. Since simplicity is one of our goals, we will be using a limited palette. The focus will be on 4 main aspects of a portrait: Proportion, Value, Colour and Edge. The aim will be to capture a likeness within a limited time frame. 


Paint - Artist Quality (oil or acrylic) in 40 ml tubes or larger:

Titanium White Cadmium Yellow Light Cadmium Red Light Quinacridone Red
Cobalt Teal Ultramarine Blue Ivory Black  


4 - 6  support size 11 x 14 or 12 x 16 (may be primed masonite, canvas or linen panels, stretched canvas or linen)

Brushes - Professional Quality
Hog Hair or Natural Bristle Flat or Filbert - #4 (2), #6 (2) #8 (1)
Kolinsky Sable or synthetic (pointed) #4 (1)

Other Supplies
Gray palette (paper or plexiglass painted gray)
Linseed Oil and Gamsol (oil painters only)
Rags or paper towels
Sketchbook or pencil


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