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Details for "Improving Your Painting with Principles I've Learned the Hard Way: Michael King, 13-14 October 2018"

Michael King

Michael King

Michael King

Hours:  9:30-4:30  Please come up 9:00 to set up and have coffee

Difficulty Level:  All Levels

Michael King is a contemporary Canadian painter and art instructor who works primarily as an oil painter and is known for soft plein air landscapes, modern still lifes and portraiture.  With an eye for how light, shadow and colour temperature form the fundamental elements of a scene, King's practice blends representation with Impressionistic aesthetics.

We will discuss and demonstrate how to create better paintings through sound use and understanding of values, colour temperatures, edges and composition in anything you paint, whether it is a landscape, still life or portrait.


Your standard painting supplies and brush cleaning cans/buckets that you use for your acrylic, oil or watercolour, along with the suggestions below.

NOTE:  Oil painters MUST use OMS (odourless mineral spirits) AKA Gamsol or OMS Thinner.  NO turpentine, citrus thinner, paint thinner, turpenoid, etc.  are allowed.  If it smells, keep it at your studio.

Sketchbook:  Any size blank page book for writing and drawing notes and for compositional sketching.

Easel:  Either a floor easel or tabletop easel.

Canvas or Panels:  One or two panels or canvases no smaller than 11"x14" and no larger than 16"x20", along with a pad of canvas paper (8"x10" or so) that we will use for various exercises.

Brushes:  A selection of brushes from 1" to 1/4" preferred.  Flats, filberts or rounds.

Palette Knife:  One or two palette knives (at least one 3" or so long).

Reference Photographs:  Your own reference photos are to be used but I will have a selection of reference photos if needed.  Reference photos courtesy of

Paints:  The paints you currently own.  Chances are you have a large selection.

Palette:  I suggest a mixing palette that is not smaller than 11"x14".  Larger if possible.

If you have any questions, please email me at


Michael King.

For further information, please contact:

Lynne Mackenzie, (Workshop Committee, SDAG), or:

Judith Turner, (Workshop Committee, SDAG)



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