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Details for "Moving Toward Abstraction: Linda Bell, 21-22 April 2018"

 Linda Bell

Linda Bell

Linda Bell


Hours:  9:30-4:30.  Please come at 9:00 for coffee and to set up.

Difficulty Level:  All levels but participants must have some experience with acrylic paints and mediums.

Linda Bell AFCA, is an award winning Canadian artist who works primarily in mixed media, including acrylic collage.  Her paintings can be found in private collections across Canada and The USA.  Some of her work also appears in TV series, advertisements and movie productions filmed in British Columbia.  Several of her works have also been shown in publications such as Incite 3, The Best of Mixed Media (2015) and Acrylic Works 4, Captivating Color 2017.  She is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters.

I have been painting for a number of years and over time I have gravitated to mostly using acrylics, collage and different drawing materials such as oil pastels in my work which I find allows me greater flexibility to create something unique.  I love pattern and line and bold colour and composing my work using a flat picture plan.  Playing with abstraction and different materials allows me to keep the fun in painting.

The focus of this workshop is to develop an understanding of abstraction in art and to provide participants with some examples and techniques to move their own artistic expression in that direction.  Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own personal preferences, strengths, and goals in developing a unique style while exploring abstraction.  The elements of art and principles of design will be utilized as a framework in examining abstracted paintings.  Examples of common techniques such as distortion, flattening, and simplification will be explored.  Artists and paintings that illustrate these techniques will be referenced.  Mixing up your media and materials such as making your own collage papers will also be demonstrated.  Having fun and "letting go" by painting over one of your "failed paintings" can also be a great way to explore abstraction.


Acrylics (I use mostly Golden products)

White and black gesso

Heavy Body Acrylics:  bring a blue, red and yellow plus any other colours you have and like.  Make sure you have some opaque and transparent paints (colours I tend to favour are phthalo blue, cadmium red, and nickel azo gold).

Fluid Acrylics:  a blue, red and yellow plus others you have.  A fluid black and white are very helpful for glazing and a metallic is always fun.

Acrylic Inks:  FW or Liquitex, a bottle of a fun colour--pearlescents can add interest.

Hi Flow Golden Acryic (optional):  I suggest black to start.  An EMPTY pump marker such as Molotov fine nib (2 mm or one up for a thicker line).  DO NOT buy an already filled Molotov pen as I have found the black paint smears.

Acrylic Medium:  I prefer gloss but you can use satin or matt.

Acrylic Glazing Fluid:  I use this to thin and mix my paint as well as to make great glazes.

If you like texture, bring your favourite pastes and gels.

Drawing Materials:

Drawing paper and regular pens to make notes and sketches.

Small box of oil pastels.

Other drawing material that you like such as charcoal and if you have them, water colour crayons.  I will supply a Listo Marking pen for each person.

Collage Stuff:

Artist white tissue paper (Opus)--not coloured as it bleeds and wrapping tissue is not strong enough.  Bring ONLY if you want to make your own paper.  White garbage bags, a soft flat brush and water pump will also be needed for making tissue paper.

Deli paper--for mono prints.  I will bring this for everyone.

GELLI plate if you have one, or a small plexi glass sheet for monoprinting.  I will also share mine.

Stencils, stamps and other marking making materials that you have.

Brayers, scrapers/shapers--what you have, and hopefully people will be willing to share to try different things out.

Other collage materials such as decorative papers, found papers such as maps and newsprint etc.


Your usual water buckets, brushes, palette, hairdrier, paper towels and rags.

Supports:  canvas, wood panel or heavy watercolour paper.  The size and number is up to you but I suggest you bring two or three supports to start with.  I suggest also that you keep the canvas/wood panel in the smaller/medium size (under 30 inches) to make it easier to manage and perhaps finish a painting.

Bring, if you have any, one of your old "less successful paintings" that you are willing to experiement with on the second day of the workshop.

Inspiration (Home work--give some thought before coming day one):

Bring your enthusiasm as well as at least 5 to 10 images of other paintings you really like (including 1 or 2 of your own).  These will be used to reflect your preferences--what you are drawn to--do you like geometric design, high key warm paintings, paintings with a cruciform composition?  They can be abstract or representational--something about the painting you relate to.

A couple of other images of objects/people/landscapes that you would like to use as inspiration and a starting point for abstracting.

We may start out with this--so be prepared!


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