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Details for "Painting the Clothed Figure from Life: Ingrid Christensen, 6-7 May, 2017"

Ingrid Christensen  Ingrid Christensen Ingrid Christensen Ingrid Christensen

Hours:  9:30-4:30.  Paricipants should arrive at 9:00 to allow time to set up.

Difficulty Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

Ingrid Christensen is a modern Impressionist whose focus is on the complex effects of light on colour.  Her work has won both national and international awards, and her work has been featured in International Artist and Arabella magazines.  Ingrid's paintings are available in galleries in Western Canada and Portland, ME.

This workshop is suitable for acrylic or oil.  Demonstrations will be in oil.  Please note that the fee includes the cost of a model for the two days of the workshop.

Working from a clothed model, you'll learn about the amazing and powerful connections that link the body together in a graceful gesture.  You'll discover the liberating fact that you can throw away pencils and grids, and capture the most complex poses accurately, with only a brush and a squint.

Using group demonstrations and individual instruction, Ingrid will help you solve the mysteries of flesh tones, body proportion, and light temperature.  You'll work on both short studies and longer poses over the course of the workshop, developing confidence in both the layering technique, and your ability to render a figure with your brush.


BRUSHES:  A wide assortment of brushes in both large and small sizes, minimum size 4 to maximum size 12. Bring more brushes than you think you'll need; you'll use them all!  Ingrid uses both hog's bristle and synthetic brushes (Opus brand "Fortissimo" filberts and rounds are excellent for oil painters).  Acrylic painters should ensure that their synthetic brushes are firm and springy.  Soft sable-like bristles will not work.

Canvas, oil paper, gessoed panels.  (No canvas paper please).

2 canvases:  8" x 10"

3 canvases:  12" x 16" or 14" x 18", depending on personal preferences.

PIGMENTS:  (I strongly recommend artists' quality pigments for pure, clean mixing ability)

Cadmium Red Light

Alizarin Permanent (Gamblin)

Cadmium Yellow OR Cadmium Yellow medium or pale

Cadmium Yellow Light OR Lemon

Ultramarine Blue

Cerulean Blue (hue is fine) OR Pthalo Blue

Raw Umber

Titanium White.


Palette Knife (Paint free and large enough to use for both mixing and applying paint)

Palette (Minimum 12" x 16" of mixing space)

Paper Towels, Rags

Oil Medium: 50/50 oil and Gamsol or Ecohouse odourless mineral spirits (linseed, walnut or stand oil)


Acrylic Medium:  Heavy Gel Medium



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